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Town & Country Property France. Euro Immobilier Chalais sarl

About Town & Country Property France / Euro Immobilier Chalais SARL:

We are a small agency that does not want to be a corporate giant, so our team is hand-picked, and we try to avoid the issues of multiple agents in a single area. Town & Country Property France / Euro Immobilier Chalais SARL has been in business since 1976 and has been under English ownership and management since 2004. Our clients are both local, domestic and international, with a huge range of budgets and requirements.
Every client is different, and we pride ourselves on being honest and not cutting corners to achieve targets (not that there are any!).

Ideally, though not essential you are already an established and experienced French property sales agent, but if you are not, it is not a requirement . However, it is  important that you are currently  living in France  with at least a ‘Titre de Séjour’ and have good in-depth local & regional knowledge of your area region location.
Additionally, being well presented, polite, and a good communicator in both English and French is essential. It would also be familiar with using computers, e-mails,  electronic communications, and specialised real estate agency software . Lastly, being self-motivated and having an interest in property are qualities that we value. If this sounds like you, we would love to have a conversation with you!

If you are interested in applying for or knowing more about this position, please contact us today at jobs@tcpf.com

Tell us where you live, and a little about yourself. How long have you lived in France? Language skills, etc